New Book: The invisible sense of the heart

As a carer you have a deeply important job and one that must not go by unnoticed. Taking care of others is the most important job you can do and often goes unnoticed in a culture where doing and competing are more admirable than being and sharing. (more…)

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My work with children encompasses  those with additional needs and learning disabilities and those without.

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven" (Henry Ward Beecher, reverend and social activist)




Reconnect with the wisdom of your body and discover your own resources for healing, well-being and health. Using Mindful Movement, …

For children

After School Club, Child Centred Therapy and Sensory Movment Communication Sessions   After School Club Including simple breathing and Mindful …

Sensory, Energy and Mindful Movement for Children

Behaviour issues and Children not wanting to learn or focus, or children being left behind in the school system because …

For children with additional needs

Finding the feelings and starting from where they are is how I work with children who have Learning disabilities, Autism, …

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