• Dance Movement Psychotherapy

    Dance Movement Psychotherapy is  a form of therapy that bridges body and mind and uses both words and movement to …

  • Clinical Supervision

    Supervision Offers insight into the work you are doing with your clients and helps you be more effective. If you …

  • Professional Counselling

    Counselling can help you through talking about your feelings in safety and confidence and clarify for you where you are …

  • CPDs

    CPD (Continuing professional development) are workshops that develop best practice, professional development and enhance ones abilities on many levels. These …

New Book: The invisible sense of the heart

As a carer you have a deeply important job and one that must not go by unnoticed. Taking care of others is the most important job you can do and often goes unnoticed in a culture where doing and competing are more admirable than being and sharing. (more…)

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