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The early stages in Couples Therapy

Helping couples to focus on and enlarge the strengths and affectionate bond and to stop being concerned with one another’s weaknesses and flaws is one

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Make a Hat – Compassionate Support for Mental Health

For mental health day today I have two very simple suggestions for you that will open up your world: Become like a child Be kind

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So how can you protect yourself when emotionally overwhelmed

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood and seen as distant or snobbish but what people don’t appreciate or understand really is that the distance they

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Why seeking help from a Therapist for sensory overload is wise

The amount of space trauma takes up in our bodies is the amount of space that we are not living fully our lives and being

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Working with Trauma through Movement Workshop

This is a Movement Therapy workshop for Counsellors looking for new ways of working with clients. Most especially with Trauma because for trauma to be

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Sensory overload and ways to heal your emotional triggers.

Sensory overload and ways to heal your emotional triggers. When we are feeling the impact of an emotional event Shame, anger, fear and pain can

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