Psychotherapy and the body in Movement is the therapeutic use of movement to enable and encourage the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the person. It is based on the deep knowledge and wisdom of how the body and the mind work together for health or for illness!

Private Practice

In Practice my work encompasses psychotherapy and the body in movement. Another way to explain is ‘attending to heart and soul’


Continuing professional development is a vital necessity for any group / organisation and individual in keeping with best practice. I offer a series of workshops that address the need for Stress release, Creativity and Communication amongst others.

Sensory Movement Sessions

Sensory Movement Sessions for Children and adults in Schools and day centres. The Sensory Movement and dance sessions in schools are an hour long and address the vital need for Sensory Play, Sensory Communication and Solidarity.

Training Course for Carers / Nurses / Teachers and other professionals

A Training Course for Carers / Nurses / Teachers and other professionals: Become a ‘Movements of the Heart Therapy Practitioner’©. A Creative movement based programme for health and wellbeing using dance and the human connection to bring solidarity and change into our communities.

Expert Help for Leaders of Creative & Therapeutic Sessions

I offer assessments of the leading of therapeutic sessions to pinpoint what needs to change in order for the delivery, experience and growth to be of maximum benefit.

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Psychotherapy for your Soul

Psychotherapy for your Soul

The reason for writing this blog comes from my late experiences of being unwell and feeling cheated by events and circumstances that I find myself in. My body has been speaking to me through sickness and a deep stress. As a movement psychotherapist I know your body is a source of power and light and is your true home. It holds your soul and your […]

The ADMP Welsh Hub.

The ADMP Welsh Hub.

Welcome everybody to the Welsh Hub of the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy. ADMP Wales is the regional hub for Dance Movement Psychotherapists here in the country.

Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities

Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities

Rebecca Iddon the CEO at the Touch Trust asked me to write an article addressing the needs of the individual with PMLD.

Movement Music and Emotions Workshop for Mothers and Babies

A workshop designed specifically to nurture and build positive vibrations between mother and baby using specially selected music, exercises that are designed to reinforce the loving links necessary for optimal life experiences and fluid movements and dances that promote the healthy physiology of the baby and mother


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I am also offering very special things for you


Bobble ball

This ball is compact with clever sensory technology that once activated comes alive with flashing lights.


Emotion cards

These emotion cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic recognition and willingness towards wanting to understand how a patient /...

An Approach to Tango Therapy

Tango Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses tango dance integrated with special exercises as an alternative therapy and in palliative care.
This updated edition is a reply to the increased interest in the use of the tango as a therapy.