KAREN WOODLEY R.D.M.P - DANCE YOUR FEELINGS - Sensory Movement, Communication and Emotional Intelligence

Karen Woodley – Movement Psychotherapy (RDMP)

Psychotherapy and the body in Movement is the therapeutic use of movement to enable and encourage the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the person. It is based on the deep knowledge and wisdom of how the body and the mind work together for health or for illness!

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Sessions

  As a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist I offer a warm and friendly psychotherapy and body movement based practice in South Wales for one off sessions, short term therapy or longer term therapy if desired.


CPD’s (Continuing Professional Development) Continuing professional development is a vital necessity for any group/organisation and individual in not only keeping with best practice but as a personal development and renewal  tool. I offer a series of workshops that address the need for Stress release, Creativity, Communication and listening to your body.

Sensory Movement and Communication Sessions

  ‘If only I could do what you do in your sessions to instil a calming energy’! Sheila in Powys   These are offered to Schools, Day Centres, Privately and run for an hour. focused on ‘Listening and then Helping’  to ease the anxiety and fear that children have because they are frightened or worried and the only way they can cope with this is […]

Becoming a ‘Sensory Movement and Communication Practitioner’

Becoming a ‘Sensory Movement and Communication Practitioner’ New updated training course coming soon for health and social professionals & primary school teachers

I offer assessments of the leading of therapeutic sessions to pinpoint what needs to change in order for the delivery, experience and growth to be of maximum benefit.

For a consultation and advice session I offer ways on improving practice as a creative leader in your groups.

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Happy carers week 11th to 15th June

Happy carers week 11th to 15th June

I’m delighted to be able to be part of this weeks celebration with you because I believe that you deserve self- care time and there is no time like now to start Its time for Self-Care its time for Heart Care Would you like to have a session just focused on you? Take time for you to be nourished and let go of some stress […]

An exercise using the Emotion cards

An exercise using the Emotion cards

If you have my ‘Emotion cards’ you will know that there are 12 in the set. Happy, Hungry, Frustrated, Afraid, Sick, OK, Mad, Sleepy, Sad, Surprised, Silly and Worried. Here’s an example of an exercise you can use with one child or indeed, a small group!

A different type of therapy for adults with learning disabilites

A different type of therapy for adults with learning disabilites

Do you find it hard to express yourself in words? Do you feel that if only I could get answers to what feel like crazy disjointed ideas / memories? Do you feel alone? Do you wish that other people understood you? If yes is the answer to either of the above then you may want to consider how Psychotherapy through movement can help you.

‘Clinical Supervision’ (This service can be booked from summer 2018)

I will be offering a Person centred, Integrative approach in a warm and empowering space to you if you are a Psychotherapist, Counsellor; Supervisor, Sign Language Interpreter or Dance Movement and Arts Therapist. I will also provide Clinical Supervision for Companies and Schools

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Emotion cards

These emotion cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic recognition and willingness towards wanting to understand how a patient / client may be feeling in any given moment. Also,…

An Approach to Tango Therapy

Tango Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses tango dance integrated with special exercises as an alternative therapy and in palliative care.
This updated edition is a reply to the increased interest in the use of the tango as a therapy.


Bobble ball

This ball is compact with clever sensory technology that once activated comes alive with flashing lights.