Author: Woodley Karen

The Initial Session for Couples

June 17, 2019

The Initial session: I have had many people ask what happens on the first session and how long will it take for us to sort this out / to feel better together / to trust again The answer to this is that the first initial session is all about talking through what it is that […]


Couples Therapy

June 3, 2019

“The key question in love, is not, ‘How many orgasms can I have with you ?’ It is, ‘A.R.E. you there for me ?’ where A.R.E. stands for ‘emotionally Accessible, Responsive and Engaged.’ Dr. Sue Johnson Does the sound of being the best and most alive version of yourself appeal to you in terms of […]


Some thoughts on good Supervision

May 28, 2019

“If the value and experience of good supervision are realized at the beginning of one’s professional career, then the ‘habit’ of receiving good supervision will become an integral part of the work life and the continuing development of the worker” Hawkins and Shoeht I love this because I have had good supervision from the second […]

For Professionals Students

My passion for being a Therapist

May 22, 2019

What made you want to be a professional therapist? The desire to be of service to people, to reach out to understand their world really guided me into becoming a therapist. From those who are really struggling with their lives to those people who just want to talk to someone and have their existence validated […]


A few tips to help Deal with Depression

May 13, 2019

Depression affects many people throughout the course of their lives and can be short lived or can stick around for years. When you are feeling depressed you may not only suffer from a depressed mood but also find performing simple daily life activities such as cooking or washing yourself, you might experience extreme tiredness, inability […]


3 ways Counselling helps your Relationships

May 7, 2019

3 ways counselling helps your relationships Relationships are everything. We come in to the world born from a relationship between two people coming together and making us in movement. We have a relationship with the universe if you like, with ourselves and with others and we experience life and learn from these experiences different ways […]