Author: Woodley Karen

A few tips to help Deal with Depression

May 13, 2019

Depression affects many people throughout the course of their lives and can be short lived or can stick around for years. When you are feeling depressed you may not only suffer from a depressed mood but also find performing simple daily life activities such as cooking or washing yourself, you might experience extreme tiredness, inability […]


3 ways Counselling helps your Relationships

May 7, 2019

3 ways counselling helps your relationships Relationships are everything. We come in to the world born from a relationship between two people coming together and making us in movement. We have a relationship with the universe if you like, with ourselves and with others and we experience life and learn from these experiences different ways […]


Healing Traumatic Experiences 3.

April 30, 2019

So how can we heal trauma? Knowing what is going on in your nervous system is important and this is something that your therapist will be able to talk with you about, also what it takes to heal and how co-regulation is what will enable you to re-build your life in a healthy way with […]


The Benefits of Person-Centred Therapy

April 24, 2019

‘Trusting your gut’ If you are thinking of Counselling / Psychotherapy but are unsure, perhaps having an idea of the benefits may help you to clarify the often-times confusing and hesitant thoughts that can prevent you from taking that step toward help and healing. Healthier relationships with self and others Decreased Insecurities and feelings of […]


Are there People in your life you’d like to Say No to?

April 15, 2019

There are many reasons for choosing Counselling and there are many benefits in doing so. Counselling gives us a chance to speak about things to someone in a safe and confidential space that is solely for your benefit. When we have learnt to not express ourselves and not say what we need and how we […]


3 Simple Techniques for Calming your Body

April 8, 2019

When we feel stressed and anxious the cortisol that runs through the body system can feel so uncomfortable and prevent us from being able to make wise and healthy decisions, sleeping or even digesting our food properly. I wanted to share three simple techniques that you may find helpful for calming your body, mind and […]