Autism Act for wales

Health Minister Mark Drakeford said £2m would be spent to cut waiting times for young people with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

What do you think about this news 18 May 2015 BBC NEWS?

Autism action plan to tackle delays and gaps in service

Myself, I prayer that this one-year action plan being proposed and implemented by the Welsh government and the NHS proves to be a good one! Investing £600,000 to diagnose autism as early as possible, to improve training, education and job prospects is heart-warming.

Jari en Gales

The call for an Autism act for Wales by NAS Cymru asking for the right support for those on the Autistic Spectrum so they do not have to wait years to be seen is long overdue. If these children are able to be seen as soon as Autism is suspected and have within their ‘wellbeing programmes’ a form of creative therapy their chances for  a more rich life experience are there!

These children struggle in school until they are diagnosed and this is not helped by the fact that the majority of teachers teach through the lens of education being arithmetic, literacy, target driven. The creative therapeutic arts reach the child in a way that medicine and school cannot.

“The more defined one’s body image, the better one is able to differentiate oneself from the environment and from others. This differentiation is necessary for the formation of relationships. Therefore, movement and the body image are two of the Dance Movement Therapists major concerns when addressing the needs of children with autism”.

Treating children with Autism in a public school system, Tina Erfer


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  1. Hi my daughter has HFA we live in South wales. She’s only 5years old is there anything suitable 4 her age that we could join close 2 us? X

    1. Hello. I will answer you privately.

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