Dyspraxia Awareness

The latest research says that dyspraxia is due to an immature neurone development in the child's brain rather than due to damage to the brain. This condition affects the fine and gross motor coordination in children and in adults. It is also known as Developmental coordination disorder and it may show itself in the child who has difficulties with self-care, with writing, riding a bike and playing etc.

How would you recognise a child with Dyspraxia?

* trouble with writing and maths

* unable to follow instructions

* avoids PE and games

* avoids groups preferring one to one

* reacts without discrimination

* falls over a lot

* learns instinctively but needs to be taught skills

* poor at dressing

* has difficulty keeping friends

* is late in reaching movement developmental milestones


Movement idea for this week to do with your child


Playing his/her favourite music engage in a body awareness activity, moving through the different parts of the body. Run and jump and roll around like little animals and get the body warmed up in fun and movement.


Walking with the theme of strong grounded legs

Being playful penguins rolling over and cuddling telling your child how proud you are of their movement

Standing or sitting as a strong rooted tree and move the trunk slowly with breathing awareness and Making shapes in the air

being friendly and have your fingers touch and dance in the air together telling your child how well they move slowly


Rest together breathing, holding in a bubble of love

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