Emotion focused Therapy for Children

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Empathy and Learning

Children who have difficulties with reading or writing, with remembering things, paying attention; problems with following directions, organising things and who have a lack of physical coordination can benefit from this work, which through Music, Playful Movements and Emotion has the ability to reorganise their inner world from chaos to a new order.

It is known that poor attachment between mother and her child can set the foundation for a life of chaos where the child displays many disruptive behaviours and ways of being in the world due to separation, deprivation and bereavement. One sure area that a child could suffer in his/her learning is in school.


Children learn in different ways and one of the big mistakes of our ‘modern educational system ‘, a most basic explanation is that it is predominantly aimed towards the child who learns in a ‘logical’ manner. A developmental psychologist Howard Gardner (1993) Frames of Mind: the Theory of Multiple Intelligences argues that the human brain has a wide range of cognitive abilities. He talks about there being nine intelligences that if we can be aware of them can be the pathway into the child’s education.

Emotional therapy is a gentle and playful way of discovering how the child learns and helping him/her to be comfortable in doing so.


Next week: ADHD – and how emotional therapy can help the child discover a calm intelligence.

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