‘Improving Communication through Touch with Children and Adults who have Additional Needs’

The human touch has the ability to communicate empathy and appreciation, help learning and promote a sense of well-being and happiness. It builds trust, lessens anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

When we use our hands and whole presence to speak with those who have additional learning needs there is a better understanding and this leads to the development of life skills.

The course aims are to:

1. Develop a good grounding into the sense of touch with the person who has learning disabilities and or autism

2. Develop sensitivity in communication

3. Expand your creative repertoire when working with a person with a learning disability

4. Learn new solid techniques for easing the anxiety

5. Explore connecting through mirroring / intensive interaction techniques and with your hands

Designed for:

Support workers / parent, family carers / social workers / therapists and for anyone wanting to learn more about how to communicate through the sense of touch, particularly by those who support someone with a learning disability.

The cost:

£65 per person / Discounts for group bookings

The day:

Begins at 10am and finishes at 4pm


Wednesday March 6th 2019

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