3 ways Counselling helps your Relationships

3 ways counselling helps your relationships

Relationships are everything. We come in to the world born from a relationship between two people coming together and making us in movement. We have a relationship with the universe if you like, with ourselves and with others and we experience life and learn from these experiences different ways of being in relationship whether that be to shut relationship off or to enjoy to the fullest our connections with others.

Through talking with a therapist about what you think and feel about relationships, how your experiences have been and actually what you would like to experience in the future it is possible to find, clarify, understand and work with in the here and now the possibility of strengthening the connections you make. After all we are not educated in our society into feeling one self and others from our hearts and to nurture the friendships / romantic partners and relationships that give us a sense of warmth, kindness and belonging in our bodies.

Here are 3 ways that counselling can help and I hope will give you a solid idea.

1. Relationship with yourself

By exploring your feelings in confidence you will begin to allow pieces of your experiences together that have perhaps been pushed away as they have been too difficult to feel on your own. These feelings that have been hidden, or these feelings that have not been acknowledged in the way you need are a key to you accepting your self and to beginning to build a solid relationship with yourself.

2. Relationship with others

When you can talk about the issues you have in your relationships and how you feel toward others, what seems a ‘bit off’, ‘what you would really love’ or ‘how would you really love to be in relationship’ then this alongside exploring the therapist /client relationship will help you see the difficulties.

3. Relationship with the universe

How do you relate to nature? How is your connection with the universe? Can you feel a give and take from another aspect of everyday life and living? In the sessions we might talk about what spirituality is to you and if this connection or not nurtures you and helps you in your life.

Working in the ‘here and now’ with whatever is happening between the therapist and the client, according to Dr. Yalom allows this ‘therapeutic relationship’ to be a mirror for the clients other relationships in his/her life.

Counselling Valleys May 7th 2019

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