A few tips to help Deal with Depression

Depression affects many people throughout the course of their lives and can be short lived or can stick around for years. When you are feeling depressed you may not only suffer from a depressed mood but also find performing simple daily life activities such as cooking or washing yourself, you might experience extreme tiredness, inability to sleep well; you may have feelings of guilt and feel helpless in front of living your life. If left unattended too the depression can lead to many problems including relationship difficulties and more serious illnesses.

So what can you do to get your life back on track alongside reaching out to get help from a professional therapist and from your friends and family?

Critical Voice and curiosity

Often-times when Depression starts to interfere with our lives it is experienced as a very critical voice that tells us things like ‘I’m worthless’, or ‘I’m not enough’ and one thing you can do is instead of saying ‘I’m worthless’ turn this voice into the second person and say ‘You’re worthless’. This helps to separate the depression from you. The next step here is to answer this voice from your own inner voice and say something like ‘well, this is how I feel right now but I know I am not worthless at all’

So begin to allow your own inner voice to respond and to have space to exist admist this time, bringing kindness into the difficulty. Whilst attending to the critical voices by answering them in a kind way you will be doing all this with CURIOSITY. Curious about what is going on here and not fighting it, rather accepting this is as it is for now and with loving kindness answer back.

Big mood swings, what was I doing?

Another tip is to notice when you have big mood shifts and try to identify what happened to trigger these critical voices. So, perhaps you were having a good day and feeling well and happy in yourself and then suddenly the critical voice took over and you shifted right back to feeling bad. What happened in between these times? Was it something at work? Did you receive a criticism from someone?


It will help to remember what used to give you joy in your life. When you were at your happiest to notice how you were then, what you were doing, who you were with and the dreams you had. How you used to dress and foods you enjoyed etc.

Exercise of some kind comes into this because it stimulates the endorphins which are the feel good hormones and helps to decrease the stress hormones.

Watching funny movies or comedies that get your belly hurting because they are so funny is extremely healthy to do and will get you out of being so controlled by depression.

Move to Music for 10 mins each day from your heart’

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