Counselling in Confidence through COVID-19

Speaking to a Counsellor in safety, most especially at this time can be what helps you be able to “breakthrough” in a new vision for life as oppose to breaking down in fear, anxiety and having the stress of COVID-19 cause disconnect in you and your relationships.

The sadness, loss, powerlessness and stress of this crisis cannot be denied today as many people are struggling alone. Some people are feeling like they are in hibernation and preparing for a time when normality can be restored.
We are keeping structure for our children
Envisioning their future on an earth more evolved
Some people are in panic and cannot imagine this being over, they are more anxiety driven as oppose to seeing the positive of what’s is happening around us at this time.

If you are alone as I know many of you are and finding it difficult to enjoy a meal because it feels so lonely, what would it feel like to connect with a friend via video conference and eat together?

If you are in a full family you may need to be thinking about taking a little time out for yourself, this is very important as this is your boundary.

Are their ways to be in Relationship that can help you through this time? Yes. Speaking about this and exploring what breakthroughs you can have and realise new ways to connect and be together.

Boundaries are really important as I mentioned and even if you are alone being attentive to your boundaries can be what will help you to keep a structure around things like “where can I go to the exercise space in my house and have my gym time”, “how can I have a dinner party and celebrate my birthday even if I cannot go out to a restaurant, where I can get dressed up and really enjoy this space and time and have fun”

Perhaps many of you are realising the anger you are feeling about this crisis is heating up to such an extent that you are finding yourself angry at your partner or angry at your children and you cannot see what you are doing. Well, my hope is that you will be reading this and something inside of you will remember that “oh, I think I did hurt my wife or my husband or my child with my anger and that I have let this Virus contaminate my relationships and I don’t like it, I don’t like what it is doing to me” My advice is to STOP, STOP, just STOP allowing this Virus to destroy the way you know you can love them.

If you are feeling angry at the people around you then seeking help right now will be very wise.

If you are finding yourself feeling so tense and angry toward yourself, saying things like “this bloody COVID-19 I cant stand this any longer”, “ahh I’m feeling so annoyed at myself and my situation and either sitting rigid in one position all day long or frantically cleaning the house a thousand times over then, speaking to a Counsellor can help you to soften the impact of this and start to begin to treat yourself in gentler ways.

Unfortunately at this time face to face therapeutic work is not possible and I so understand and appreciate that the idea of speaking to a therapist on-line may be daunting for many of you but, during this Pandemic where we are confined to our homes and where the chances to reach out and connect with a Counsellor is available why not give it a go?

Ask yourself, can I benefit from this right now?

If you want to know more about on-line E-Counselling click here

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