Feeling Emotionally overwhelmed, with a general sense of being unwell?

So this month of August I have dedicated to blogging and sharing about what to do and how to cope when you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally and cannot seem to find balance in your relationships. This month I hope to reach as many of you as I possibly can to let you know that you can get your own life back and the connections with the important people in your world.

Often times when we feel overwhelmed it is because we have not had healthy boundaries or because we have some kind of trauma in our systems sitting there that has not been worked through or allowed to process. Trauma can be from a small thing such as a visit to the dentist to a childhood developmental trauma and different people respond in differing ways to these woundings but above all else when it just its in our systems then depression, anxiety and just shutting off from others is the result.

We can stay in the same old patterns and behaviours for years without realising that there is hope, that there is a way out of the difficulties that prevent us from being joyful and happy.

One thing is for sure that whenever there is mental confusion and dizziness and feelings of just not being right then the answer lies within our bodies. By attending to the cognitive as well as the emotional and sense level of things we are finding the thread that can unravel the difficulties and help us to heal.

Why Movement can help you to express and understand in therapy sessions

When we get to these places it is good to bring movement into the therapy space because if we don’t move forward with the newfound energy from within then it stays stuck, it doesn’t know where to go or how to be and so the key is to feel it and to physically move it inwardly, through and out toward others.


A client of mine Mary had a history of verbal, psychological and emotional abuse from her father and she had struggled to manage the men in her life for as long as she could remember. She would completely lose her identity and any sense of her uniqueness when around them. She worked hard for so many years in and out of different therapists offices and becoming quite a brilliant therapist herself, which grew from her need to take care of others and to put their needs first.

One day after a therapy session where she really realised how much she had been carrying of her father inside herself she said she had felt a release with her tears but still not knowing how to navigate in her relationship with him was something that bothered her. It was almost she knew that she had released old wounds embedded in her psyche but her body still ached and she still had the dilemma of ‘how to be with him and other men’.

I counselled her to call on a higher power, an energy if you like of the earth, or the sea of whatever it is that felt right for her and guided her to embody this with her emotions, her thoughts, her senses, her body and then to move it and dance it through her into the space. She did and she was able to follow the transformation rather than be trying to cognitively work it out beforehand. So rather than just knowing about these things that had happened to her and that she had experienced growing up and even into adulthood and trying to find ways to cope and heal from a mind based knowledge that made complete, logical sense the work was to enter into physical movement with this energy from an embodied base.

Mary was able to find her own resolution through healing this way. We worked together for a couple of years until the point that she was able to call upon her heartfelt energies for healing and empowerment without getting derailed and losing all sense of herself and what she needed.

So moving the energy and the emotion through your body as you would pump your muscles in the gym is a solid way to strengthen your true identity and get you life back on track.

August 2019

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