Healing Traumatic Experiences 1.

When we have suffered a trauma of some description we automatically just like the animals use survival strategies to carry on with everyday living.

Often times we can react to situations in the present day as if they were the past and this can cause a lot of suffering. When we have an idea of what is going on and what our body is saying this brings a sense of relief and it also helps us to accept and be loving towards ourselves, soften and in this way we can better support ourselves.

When we feel threatened we either freeze, fight, run away or we feint. All of these responses are survival instincts and they keep us safe, they keep us safe! The problem is when people fight against feeling these responses.

This is when chronic illness can set in. If we continually defend against what our nervous system is saying, and carry on in surviving mode, in one way or another we are ignoring ourselves, ignoring what the body is saying and very often when there is trauma we are unable to realise that we are doing this. So, we get stuck in stressful cycles that cause a myriad of illnesses.

But, the truth is that it is very difficult to heal any kind of trauma unless we feel safe. Unless we have a trusted therapist with whom we can work and gently unravel the disturbed and interrupted nervous system and body.

Traumatic experiences can be from car accidents to people shouting loudly all the time; it can be from abuse or being in situations with people who make you feel uncomfortable etc. and furthermore, all of this can lead to heart disease, low self esteem, depression, inability to set clear boundaries, relationship troubles, fogginess, lack of empathy, perfectionism, fear etc. A hostful of chronic and degenerative diseases

When you are aware of feeling uneasy and freezing or running away, when you are aware of feeling dis-empowered and fighting or feinting to cope with what is difficult to digest and absorb because it is a shock this is a small and important step towards healing and moving forward with your life.

Karen Monday 18th March 2019

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