Healing Traumatic Experiences 2.

There are some indications of untreated trauma that may be going unnoticed purely because we perhaps are workaholics and don’t take time to check in with ourselves, our bodies, our sensations etc. Or we simply accept that this is the way things are and have to be because historically our parents were the same….and they survived! But my question would be do you want to simply survive or would you love to thrive and be your most fullest alive self?

I suspect of you are reading this you are interested in being at peace, happy and living the life you desire.

Here are the indications:

1. Shows itself as feeling invisible, stuck all the time and just not getting things done that we know we need to do.

2. Shows through people who eat exceptionally healthy food yet are unwell with digestive problems and other health conditions in spite of working with health practitioners.

3. Can be seen in people who have anxiety and panic attacks with a lot of bodily feelings such as heaviness, restriction, butterflies etc. despite having a mindfulness or relaxation routine they use.

4. When we are stuck in toxic relationships and not knowing how to change unhelpful patterns, or to have clear boundaries, listen to our gut instinct and unable to move forward on our careers and our expression of self.

5. Shows itself as chronic physical and mental health conditions

According to Tara Brach who has studied Buddhist psychology and Western experiential therapies the process of feeling and accepting the changing stream of sensations is a central to the alchemy of transformation, she says;

As we learn to meet whatever arises in our body, heart and mind with radical acceptance we discover a precious freedom’

April 2019 Counselling in Risca and Blaenavon

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