Healing Traumatic Experiences 3.

So how can we heal trauma?

Knowing what is going on in your nervous system is important and this is something that your therapist will be able to talk with you about, also what it takes to heal and how co-regulation is what will enable you to re-build your life in a healthy way with kindness and care.

Finding connection and support is essential be it from a family member, a good friend; the waitress the coffee shop you speak with everyday, connecting to the unconditional love of the universe.

Knowing how your bodies primitive systems hold the stress in your physiology such as your kidneys, your gut and your brain stem. Learning how your gut – the seat of your intuition and its connections with the rest of your body can be improved

The way to heal trauma is through feeling the original feelings and the uncomfortable sensations but it is extremely important to be able to learn how to feel them in a way that is absolutely manageable for you and not in way that causes you to shutdown and become stuck again. Feeling things in small doses is what I have been exploring in supervision and how going to the boundary of the trauma to feel gently the experiences that their system can tolerates allows this process to work. Its like going with the tension to help it naturally go.

Knowing the power of healthy aggression and focusing on the positive emotions and down regulating the negative ones. Paying attention and attending to the sensations that can be good and difficult in the body allows the client to lessen the stress responses and draw on the pleasurable parts of their system. Then, asking those pleasurable parts e.g. something like what is it that contributes towards feelings of pleasure in your body? This places the emphasis on pleasure which is a good health indicator and something that we don’t always move toward because of feeling ashamed and that we have no right etc.

Healing is possible after trauma and as Peter A. Levine, PhD the author of ‘In an unspoken voice, how the body releases trauma and restores goodness’ puts it:

The awakening of our life force, transmuted from survival to ecstatic aliveness, is truly the intrinsic gift laid at our feet and waiting to be opened through this journey of sweet surrender to the senate world within, whether we are survivors of trauma or simply casualties of Western culture”

Karen April 30th 2019

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