Healing your Inner Child Part 1.

The inner child part of us is the energy of your self as a child as the child you were who carries all the experiences you have had and because of this this child is the one who reacts and gets into all sorts of confusions and difficulties in relationships.

The adult you are today often times behaves in ways that can cause you and others around you distress because you are reacting and relating to others from the inner child as oppose to the healthy and loving adult you can be.

Since the earliest period of our life was pre verbal, everything depended on emotional interaction. Without someone to reflect our emotions, we had no way of knowing who we were’

John Bradshaw

The inner child part of us possesses all the joyful energies of curiosity, creativity; playfulness and spontaneity. These joyful energies within us have the real ability to help us heal.

The inner child also can tell the story of the parts of us that have been hurt by life and deeply wounded from highly charged incidents that left us feeling hopeless and helpless, sad, angry and scared and unprotected. These parts of us live inside! They live inside of our bodies and come from the times when our little systems could not understand and developmentally were unable to receive such highly charged onslaughts of aggression, lack of recognition, criticisms, hostility, feeling unworthy and unwanted.

At the time we did not have the abilities to understand what was happening or even digest it! And very often there was nobody to turn to for protection. These early life experiences as children become like frozen energy in our bodies, our minds and our spirits and as adults they are expressed through our thoughts, our beliefs and our energy.

Here are some indicators that you have a wounded inner child that if you were to heal could transform your life:

1. low self esteem

2. Poor body image

3. Mood and emotional Imbalances

4. Problems with eating

5. Having either too weak or too rigid boundaries

6. Harming yourself

7. Identity problems

8. Being overly responsible for others

9. Having Friendship problems

10. Fear of authority figures

Counselling / Psychotherapy can help you to address and heal these wounds you carry and to learn to be able to contain and take care of these emotions as well as Integrate the parts of you that have been hidden away.

Its important to have a therapist help you with your inner child as she/he will ensure that you are kept safe and grounded in order to explore aspects of yourself that may have been dormant or lost for a long time.

Fables and Fairy-tales and the treasure of the Imagination

In writing about the inner child and working in this way too I am reminded of a deck of cards called the inner Child cards by Lerner Lerner that are full of childhood fables and offer nourishment to the soul because as the authors say:

“Whether child or adult, it is vital to establish contact with the enchantment of this inner world. Inner child work, an extensive healing therapy that helps one achieve the lost child within.”

They go on to say that:

“What is most inspiring about this work is that the internal healing is what touches the collective wound of our humanity”

If you would like to know more about Counselling for your Inner Child please do contact me to book an initial consultation session.


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