How can we ease the stress of the Corona Virus outbreak.

Many people are bracing themselves whilst this Corona Virus takes hold each dealing with it in their own ways. Whilst the World health Organisation is urging us to wash our hands, use sanitiser and be aware of ourselves and others in terms of sneezes and fevers some people will respond in anxious ways.

Stress is the response to a threat that can cause emotional changes and behavioural changes and whilst it can be good, for example, when we are facing situations that are not unsafe or overly worrisome it gives us the push forward we need to get that presentation ready or to make that wedding dress, or paint the bedroom. However, when stress becomes persistent and bothersome it can not only cause psychological discomfort but also physical pain and distress and it is this constant nervous system fight or flight response that makes it feel like we just cannot cope.

Today in light of this new Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak this anxiety has the potential to become overwhelming.

Here is an exercise you can do in the comfort of your own home that will ease some of this anxiety. You will need a space where you can be sure not to be disturbed for around ten minutes.

Healing Hands

Finding a place to stand take a deep breathe into your chest and belly for the count of 4, hold for a few moments and then exhale out for a longer count of 7. Do this several times over until you begin to feel a little more present in yourself.

In your minds eye you are going to imagine from the base of your spine (your sit bone and the soles of both feet a golden stream of light coming from your body and out and down deep into the earth. This stream of light is going like tree roots to find a crystal in the earth to wrap around.

Now on your next inhale its going to be from the earth right up the root of your body and up into your heart and as you exhale, again a longer exhale its as if you can let go of the stress and anxious feelings and give them back to the earth. Repeat this a few times.

Now rub your hands together and then hold them a few inches apart in front of you and notice what you experience in your hands. Imagine being in your hands and looking out……. what are you noticing? Tingling, cold, vibration etc. Just notice, be curious about your hands.

Finally, place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and come back to your breathing, 4 counts in, hold a moment and exhale for the count of 7. Repeat this a few times noticing what you are experiencing in your chest, your heart and your belly. Then, move one hand to your forehead and leave the other one on either your heart or your belly continuing this rhythm of breath.

As a way to close this breathing visualisation perhaps jot down what you noticed in your heart, what was the sensation like in your belly and as you had your hand on your forehead what were you telling yourself?

If this exercise has not helped you any in easing anxiousness at all then perhaps It will help you talk to someone about the impact of this crisis, someone who can help you in managing your emotions.

How can you help your children with the stress of this new virus?

  • Keep regular routines
  • Play more, draw, dance, cook
  • Just allow space and time for them to be in your space
  • Physical movement together
  • Make things together
  • Be with them
  • Avoid loud places, TV, Social media
  • Eat together
  • Listen to them
  • Hold them
  • Love them


With your Healing Hands paint imaginary golden circles of light all over their body.



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