Sensory overload and ways to heal your emotional triggers.

Sensory overload and ways to heal your emotional triggers.

When we are feeling the impact of an emotional event Shame, anger, fear and pain can rob us of our healthy bonds with life.

When the reactive places in us get triggered by the behaviours of others you might respond in an angry way and perhaps come to regret this later or even worse end up hurting yourself or someone else! Your reaction might be to withdraw emotionally in order to protect yourself from the painful feelings that have arisen.

Some examples of emotional triggers

A colleague tells you that your not good enough to apply for a better position in the company, or a relative says that you will never find a wife because you cant even think straight, you’re too old, too ugly, too dumb to do anything. When this is our experience then we get upset, doubt ourselves and can even start to believe we are worthless.

Healing your emotional wounds

To heal these emotional triggers you need to begin to compassionately explore the beliefs that have been embedded in you from your family, society, culture such as ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am too sensitive’ and to gently attend to the parts of yourself that feel damaged, that have doubts about yourself and your ability to love and be loved. When you heal the trauma you re free! Joy and love can re-connect you to the flow of life that is your birthright.

Some things you can do:


set the timer for 15 minutes and write down what your experiences have been and just allow yourself to write freely without editing or being concerned with grammar but just allowing a flow of communication to happen between yourself and the paper. Nothing is too small to write and nobody will read this. If you can write emotionally, intuitively and factually this will help.

Conscious loving-kindness breathing

– Placing one hand on your heart and the other on your centre and take several deep breaths, grounding your breathing in and down into your body and imagining roots from the base of your spine and your feet growing down into the centre of the earth. Once you are feeling calmer then with each inhale connect and allow an energy of loving-kindness to flow into your body from the universe.

Allowing your Emotions

As you begin to heal different emotions will surface that may have been buried for years such as anger, fear, depression, disgust, self-doubt and love too. Let yourself feel and express these emotion and working with a supportive therapist who can create a safe environment for you to do this is very important especially if you have trauma in you system.

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