So how can you protect yourself when emotionally overwhelmed

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood and seen as distant or snobbish but what people don’t appreciate or understand really is that the distance they keep from others and situations is because they are protecting themselves from overwhelm.
When there is excessive stimulus coming at them such as loud or raised voices, television, lights they need to be sure that they can keep some kind of grounding in all of it.
A client of mine recently told me that she had been sitting underneath an air conditioning unit for two years before she summoned up the courage to move. She didn’t want to upset anyone or been seen as a problem person. She tangled herself up in knots thinking about the consequences on others and actually dreaded going into work. This is a lady who is very kind and respectful of others and actually genuinely likes to reach out. We talked about the importance of feeling comfortable and if we are not then that is our body telling us something is wrong.
Respecting her body signals she moved places, is away from her colleagues who did not hear her attempts at finding ways to manage the air conditioning, but not so removed from them that she is unable to speak with someone if she needs and her stress levels have dropped!

No more sensory overload and happier in herself!

Some things you could try:

Setting clear boundaries
– Learn to stand up for yourself, don’t be a pushover and remember that ‘NO’ is a complete sentence. You may feel afraid that if you were to stand up for yourself and admit your needs you will be disappointing others and letting them down but it is very important to start to say ‘NO’ when things don’t feel right.
Connecting with your small inner childhood
– In a quiet safe place think back to a time when the early trauma happened. Where were you? How old? Then picture yourself in your minds eye going back to that place and re-connecting with the child who was stuck there telling him/her that you are so sorry that he/she was hurt and that you will never let this happen again. Take the child home with you.
Practice self-compassion
– stand with you feet firmly and softly on the earth, in your garden, or the park. Imagine light beams radiating, pulling you down into the earths energy from your tailbone and soles of your feet and flowing down into the centre of the earth or as far as they want to go.

Breathe in healing energy from the earth up through your soles and tailbone, up your spine into your heart, the front and back of your heart. You can imagine this as a colour of your choice. As it radiates out of your heart on the exhale tell yourself ‘I love you and I wish you love and peace’. Do this a few times and then picture someone and place them in your heart and as you breathe say to them ‘I wish you love and peace’. Come back to stillness and notice your heart space. If there is a part of your body that you are having issues with breathe the earths energy and your hearts colour there, placing you hands there too. ‘I love you’. Give yourself time to heal and be kind with yourself. Grieve the losses and give yourself permission to experience your emotions / feelings and memories without judging yourself. Love yourself for feeling these.

Make a promise to yourself to do what you need to heal your emotional overwhelm because you can heal and recover your life.

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