The Benefits of Person-Centred Therapy

Trusting your gut’

If you are thinking of Counselling / Psychotherapy but are unsure, perhaps having an idea of the benefits may help you to clarify the often-times confusing and hesitant thoughts that can prevent you from taking that step toward help and healing.

Healthier relationships with self and others

Decreased Insecurities and feelings of guilt

Increased Self esteem and openness to experience

Lessening and resolution of distressful feelings

Better understanding and awareness

Improved self-expression

Greater trust in oneself

If these benefits sound good and spark your imagination as to how change and growth can look like then you may want to take that step forward.

Carl Rogers the father of person-centred counselling spoke about the ‘Locus of evaluation’ which is what people refer to in order to make judgements about themselves, the world around them and of others. In our society and culture we have grown up living from an external locus of evaluation meaning we have grown up judging ourselves according to how others and the world treat us and in so doing have lost the trust in our own natural and organismic valuing. Through the process of Therapy you will come to know a greater trust in yourself, your decision making processes and your own gut feelings.

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