The Rosebud

For this weeks blog I want to share with you a beautiful visualisation exercise that you can do.

This is taken from Psycho-synthesis and I hope you enjoy it. I did and its a lovely exercise to enjoy as we welcome Springtime.yourself comfortable for a while in a place where you will not be disturbed. Take a good few deep breaths and settle yourself in your body.

Imagine a rosebush with the roots, stems, the leaves and on top a rosebud. The rosebud is closed and enveloped by its green sepals. Take your time in visualising all the details clearly

Now imagine all the sepals start to open, turn back and reveal the petals inside, the petals are tender, delicate, they are still and closed

Eventually the petals themselves slowly begin to open and as they do so, you become aware of a blossoming also occurring in your body. You feel that something in you is opening and coming to light.

As you keep visualising the rose, you feel that its rhythm is your rhythm, its opening is your opening. You keep watching the rose as it opens up to the light and the air, as it revels all its beauty.

You smell its perfume and you absorb it into your body.

Now gaze into the very centre of the rose, where its life is most intense.

Let an image emerge from there.

This image will represent what is most beautiful, most meaningful, most creative that wants to come to light in your life right now.

It can be an image of absolutely anything. Just let it emerge spontaneously, without forcing or thinking. Now stay with this image for some time, and absorb its quality.

The image may have a message for you-a verbal or a non-verbal message. Be receptive to it.

Please take your time in coming out of this beautiful meditation/visualisation and let me know what messages you received by emailing me from the contact button above writing in the message box ‘The Rosebud’ followed by your message.

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