Why seeking help from a Therapist for sensory overload is wise

The amount of space trauma takes up in our bodies is the amount of space that we are not living fully our lives and being empowered in everything we do.

Healing your emotional overwhelm is liberating because you won’t be thrown off or drained by others’ inappropriate comments and behaviours towards you any-more. The more you heal your emotional triggers, the more emotionally free you will be.

Having been living on sensory overload for so many years what happens is that your system becomes flooded with adrenalin and cortisol. The reason may be neglect or abuse or more simple things like being a highly sensitive person or someone who felt totally unseen in their family of origin. The chronic stress that shows itself in many forms such as depression or self harm as examples can seriously put your health at risk.

Have you experienced any of the following?

Hearing your parents or siblings frequently argue

Being repeatedly yelled at

Physical and/or emotional abuse

Being shamed or blamed for being “overly sensitive.”

Being bullied

Your past can still be affecting you today and cause you to live in a state of hyper-vigilance which is very draining. It could be that you are exposed to a disagreement between two people and you have an exaggerated emotional response because you are having a flash back to the original trauma. (This is similar to a survivor of 911 who misreads a loud bang as an exploding building)

With this type of stress in your body you are unable to find calm or be at rest fully but rather always on the look out for further threats.

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