Couples Therapy

The key question in love, is not, ‘How many orgasms can I have with you ?’ It is, ‘A.R.E. you there for me ?’ where A.R.E. stands for ‘emotionally Accessible, Responsive and Engaged.’

Dr. Sue Johnson

Does the sound of being the best and most alive version of yourself appeal to you in terms of your couple relationship?

Are you over the ‘honeymoon’ period of your marriage and feeling something is missing, wanting so bad for the spark to come back again?

Are you just unhappy with your couple and at a loss of how and what to do to get it back?

If there is something wrong in your couple you are more than likely feeling angry toward him/her and this anger is stopping you from connecting with the heartfelt, softer feelings that were there when you first met.

Each relationship is its own and unique universe and as such needs to have its own boundaries and protection from outside influences and the world.

Getting help

Getting help before its too late and you decide to split is very beneficial to a marriage or partnership, don’t wait too long because perhaps you can save what is yours and not give up on it!

Too many people give up on each other for reasons that don’t really make sense to them but the books say it, the media says it and all the pressure to be a hero, to be a new woman cause many people to become strong versions of themselves without their softer heartfelt feelings, without their authentic loving heart that understands the other and knows how to give and receive.

Of course there are times when the relationship is unhealthy and needs to end for the best for both partners and perhaps this is difficult to

When there is mis-attunement in the couple then we need to re-tune the heart of the relationship”

How do the sessions work?

The way I work with your couple is to see you both together initially for the first session for 90mins and thereafter each session will be for 50mins. Your Relationship is what we will be working with. It might be that a couple of sessions suffices and it may be that longer time is needed. At your first appointment I will be able to give you an idea of the time scale needed to put love back in balance!

How much are the Couples Therapy sessions?

£50 per session

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