The Initial Session for Couples

The Initial session:

I have had many people ask what happens on the first session and how long will it take for us to sort this out / to feel better together / to trust again

The answer to this is that the first initial session is all about talking through what it is that is causing you problems

Answering questions that will help me to grasp what the underlying difficulties and more obvious problems are

The first session is for 90mins so as to have a good time for exploring this together and for me to get an idea of your ‘Relationship’

Coming as a couple to work on problems you are having in your relationship can help you to re-connect and be in tune again together.

What are some of the benefits?

Reduces the power of past and present hurts

Finding more satisfying ways of being together

Re-connecting to the flow of love

How many sessions will we need?

Usually somewhere between 6 and 20 and I can give you an idea of this on the initial consultation

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