Exploring Autism and your Practice.

I would like to invite you to join this day that will enrich you

In our Therapy Centre in Blaenavon, I have invited Caroline Hearst from the Autism Matters and AutAngel to come along and run a CPD that will better prepare Counsellors / Psychotherapists / Social and Health care workers, as well as parents, siblings, partners to understand and learn more about people who are on the spectrum.

This is important to me as I know there are interventions that can really be beneficial for this client group and ways of being with and offering the interventions that can build bridges into their world. Many a time I have sensed the struggles counsellors have with their autistic clients and have thought ‘its easier than this – you can manage this and offer space for autism’.

I believe it takes an open heart and from all my years of working with this client, group. I am so excited to be able to invite Caroline here to Blaenavon.


Exploring Autism and your Practice.

This course offers an overview of autism and covers the ways in which the traits of autism impact on lives.

Many therapists have some clients they struggle to understand? Who just don’t respond as expected. Clients are clearly intelligent and yet fail to manage many everyday tasks or struggle socially. These clients might be autistic.
Autism is a surprisingly common condition that is often undiagnosed and unidentified; when this is the case for a client, treatment rarely goes smoothly.
It is very difficult to help autistic people with their difficulties and presenting issues if the underlying autism is not recognised or well understood – the usual approaches to such problems can be ineffective and even detrimental.

The session offers overview of the autism constellation, including experiential exercises to give a taste of how autism is experienced by those with the condition and explores

  • How and why autistic people experience emotions differently and communicate differently
  • How and why autistic people respond to information in unusual ways
  • The issues autistic people might have with flexibility and organisation
  • Some reasons why autism is often not identified

The course provides information and is interactive and experiential. Participants have an opportunity to experience something of what autism feels like and to discuss this and their involvement with autistic or potentially autistic clients.


Caroline Hearst trained as an art psychotherapist. She self-identified and received a diagnosis of autism in adulthood after years of personal therapy. She raised two sons, one of whom is autistic. She uses these experiences and her background in adult education to provide enjoyable and informative sessions that increase understanding and acceptance of autism. She has published and spoked about autism in a variety of settings.

7 March 2020 10.30am to 4.30pm

The Old Post Office Art & Therapy Centre
Prince Street, Blaenavon, NP4 6QB
Free Car Park nearby

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Normal Price: £ 95.-

Small Group

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