Dyslecsia Awareness week

Do you or someone you know suffer from Dyslexia ? I know myself that it is important to have an outlet for such confusing sensory processing information.
Dyslexia according to Dyslecsia Cymru whose vision it is to make ‘Wales the best place in the world for the dyslexic person to live, learn, to work and to develop their full potential’ is a learning difference, a wiring difference in the brain and they suggest that it may occur with a range of other learning differences which all seem to lie in cerebellum.

The cerebellum is the lower area of the brain responsible for balance and coordination of the muscles of the body and its function is to coordinate muscle movement and maintain posture too. When we move in dance movement therapy we are moving towards integration, we enter into a process of integration if you like, a creative process that allows the client/patient to find a language for what has been experienced in movement

The reason for the ‘wiring difference’ in the brain can be for various reasons, I am not an expert here but I do know that activating both sides of the brain through dance and movement encourages new patterns and interconnections to be made between different parts of the brain thus enabling better organisation, sequencing, timing and builds the self esteem which can suffer due to the difficulties of having to ‘pretend to be normal’ in a world that is anything but!






Learning can be such a bore especially when we are taught in ways that do not speak to our sensory of learning style. Movement therapy not only rehabilitates the posture, re links the coordination with the energy of the heart and helps us to find the organic balance of the organism but gives us a chance to relearn again. When we are taught in ways that are against our natural inclinations then it is no wonder that the inner environment becomes all jumbled and out our experience in the world difficult.

For the challenge of Dyslecsia stand with your feet hip width apart and have your arms by your side. Let your belly be easy, not holding and your chest easy with out holding your shoulders to your ears. Imagine a light beam from the earth and from the sky directly holding you up the centre of your spine, so you are hanging like a rag doll. Begin to sway crossing your left arm across your body as you move to the right with a gentle bend in the leg and then bring the right arm across the body. Swaying side to side. Crossing over the body encourages the both sides of the brain to connect.


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