Listen to your body (how to facilitate therapeutic sessions series no:5)

Dancing, moving, connecting and communing with others is essentially what we are all doing in sessions. However, a good many facilitators are still getting stuck with not having a sufficient movement vocabulary or not knowing which music to use in order to support the movements / gestures and shapes being communicated.

What can we do? We seem to be doing the same old routines over and over again and what more I am tired of my music…what music is the best to use?

The scenarios we are discussing here are related to working with people with disabilities, from the most profound to those on the autistic spectrum. So, my first response would be to keep on doing what you are doing but with more awareness:

  • Be more mindful of how you are feeling in this particular movement with your partner….each time attuning to them at a deeper level (attunement is resonating on an affective level with your client, touching and understanding their experience of the world)
  • Notice if you are in a flow with them or rigidly and nervously rushing through your session?
  • Is your music supporting the sentiments / emotions you wish to either be evoking or supporting?


What next?

So, you are holding an safe, facilitating, warm space of safety, love and infused with joy…this is good!

So, now we are going to move into our movement qualities and expressions, analysing them a little and looking at what you are doing as a way to help you. I hope it does!

  • Focus on your body firstly before anything else. Grounding yourself and listening to its soft voice (Grounding and listening is being rooted in your body, out of your supposedly intelligent mind space and rooted in your sensations, feelings, breathing in time and space ) As you are moving around in your session notice what parts of your body are moving, where the movement starts from. Do you walk like a soldier or are you flowing like a river?
  • Do you love your body?
  • How are you moving? With joy and excitement of who you will be dancing with or with anxiety and hesitation because you are lacking confidence. What are you expressing to your group? (Work on your self-esteem; do you trust your gut intuition, do you respect yourself? This is where it all begins!)
  • Notice you’re shaping… how are you relating and communicating with the others? For example chest open and open arms conveying a receptive attitude.
  • Finally how are you using the space? This is related to your presence in the world. Do you put yourself in the centre or stay on the outskirts so as not to be seen? How do you use the space? Do you feel safe in it?

All of this I hope will help you some to explore and experiment for yourself in a playful way and find perhaps one new idea!


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See your body as a temple and treat it with love, sweetness, kindness and respect.


When you are tired….rest

When you are hungry….eat, and stop when you are full!

When you are lively…dance and move your body in a way that gets your spirit moving

Wear clothes that feel good on you

Stay with people who nourish you and love you

Feel your humanity…a few times a day take a minute and connect with your feelings, rooted in your body!


Loving eyes Meditation

Get yourself into a relaxed position and close your eyes (make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed for 10mins)

So as you close your eyes and look and look into the world imagine kind eyes shining back at you, loving you, holding you. Stay with it until you feel absolutely adored and cherished.

You might like to use the image of a golden light connecting you and filling up in all your cells helping you to receive this.

(Take about 10mins)


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