Feedback from theWords of the Body’ CPD

Words of the body - WATAF CPD - Karen Woodley

It was a pleasure to move with the group. WATAF meetings are held three times a year, with a business meeting in the morning, followed by CPD events in the afternoons. Trainee Arts Therapists are invited to all meetings. The CPD element is open to other professions.


Relationship with the Arts therapies Professional Associations:

BADth, BAAT, BAMT & ADMP have all worked closely with both  AWNCATP and WATAF in forming and reviewing aims and agreed procedures. Their continued support enables the forum to fulfil its role, of central importance to the Arts therapies in Wales. Whilst each professional association in Wales have their own meetings and activities, WATAF enables us to act on shared issues and concerns.


Relationship with the public:

WATAF is a central resource for the public, and as such can help inform, promote and signpost to local therapists.


Relationship with Welsh Government:

Initially arts therapists worked together through the forum to help each other cope with the work load placed on all the professions in liaising with the Welsh Office. Then, after devolution and the formation of the Welsh Assembly Government, AWNCATP and its sister committee, AWNCATP NHS were identified as ‘feeder groups’ or ‘nominating bodies’ from which representatives are identified to sit on the Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee (WTAC). This is a Statutory Advisory Committee to the Welsh Government, advising on professional issues and implementing change.


The current convenor of WATAF is Art Psychotherapist, Penny Hallas. Her email is: Penny.Hallas@wales.nhs.uk, in case you would like more info about the Arts Therapies in Wales. Or, alternatively you could contact the current secretary, Blanka Hubena: Blanka.Hubena@southwales.ac.uk.


WATAF also operates an email communication list for Arts Therapists living and/or working  in Wales to seek information and consultation from the WATAF membership to represent and promote Arts Therapies in Wales and to advise about any job opportunities and CPD events. To be added to this list, please contact Blanka Hubena (as above).



The feedback from the cpd was very positive and included one member considering DMP as their personal therapy.  Fabulous news!!






Words of the body - WATAF CPD - Karen Woodley

Words of the body - WATAF CPD - Karen Woodley




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