An exercise using the Emotion cards

If you have my ‘Emotion cards’ you will know that there are 12 in the set. Happy, Hungry, Frustrated, Afraid, Sick, OK, Mad, Sleepy, Sad, Surprised, Silly and Worried. Here’s an example of an exercise you can use with one child or indeed, a small group!

The aim of the exercise is to start to recognise some of  the different feelings and emotions we have, exploring them in a fun and safe way and at the same time building the internal knowledge and awareness that our emotions and feelings are very important parts of who we are and they give us vital messages and signals at every moment

Listening to our bodies and not feeling shamed to be hungry or mad or happy is an important part of knowing and growing in a healthy way.

So here we go!

  1. Firstly in preperation you will need to find appropriate pieces of music to do with each card
  2. After warming up the body you invite the child to shuffle the cards and choose one
  3. Explore this card they have chosen with curiosity and lightness
  4. You dance this card
  5. Invite the child the dance the card
  6. Go with the process, perhaps you choose another card, perhaps not.
  7. Finish with taking care of our body by thanking each part. For example: place your hands together and say thank you hands for being beautiful…..then place your hands on your shoulders e.t.c.

If you don’t have the cards and would be interested in getting them please please click here

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