Dance and Movement

Dance is life, it is as ancient as the world and it builds community and offers a respite from the daily life stressors that inhibit our natural impulses of relatedness, joy and the simple pleasure of moving the body. This short clip captures some of this essence

Why I dance… Pourquoi je danse…

(This video was created to support the goals of Ontario Dances. Ontario Dances is a program of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC))

We come into this world in movement , in fact we are created in movement, our parents moved together to create us. Through the process of education and socialisation our natural impulses to move and express have become distorted and repressed as we have been told things like don’t move, don’t feel, don’t touch. We end up in adult bodies withered and hurting. Movements related to the natural world can help us regain this connection again

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