Embodiment is having a sense of the Sacred

Being able to feel deep inside is very important in being self responsible, however,  many of us are not able to do this because of some type of trauma.

I see many people who are not in their bodies and though this might sound funny it is true. They live in a kind of bubble and travel around in a kind of spiritual aura, very kind and gentle people and often times afraid to assert themselves. Through a process of movement psychotherapy where we might work with dreams, with being grounded, with drawing and journaling as well as breathing work and voice work we can start a journey towards a more embodied life.

Embodiment is a vital awareness of your bodily experience that is your capacity for affect regulation, self reflection, presence and for resonance. Embodiment allows us to have access to feeling aliveness, memory, to imagination, dreaming, to play and to having a sense of agency in the world. It supports the building of healthy relationships. 

To be embodied is essential and fundamental for a sense of identity, self esteem and self worth and is what builds interconnectedness with others, with the community and the planet. Embodiment is having a sense of the sacred, after all our bodies are sacred. We are sacred.

There are many ways in Movement Psychotherapy that we can dissolve the body armouring that Wilhelm Reich talked about. He said that the basic pulsation in the universe is to naturally expand and to contract and when this pulsation becomes disrupted for whatever reason then we have an armour. We lose our flow and our creative capacity and unique self gets stuck.

If you are stuck in your life and seeking this form of Psychotherapy you will be embarking upon a journey of going in and down into your body, your earth. By breathing deeply in to our bodies our spirit is awakened and too the story of our soul. By going into our earth we are able to know the physiological and emotional responses to the rhythms within us and the responses to the relationships we have with nature, with others. It is through our body that we can bring the broken pieces of our lives together to be integrated in imagination. Growing down into our earth is the first step before growing up.

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