Something I always encourage my clients is to become heart aware and to get into the habit of grounding from the earths energy, really becoming aware as much they can of the energy in the body. This seems to always help those who can at least focus inwardly to stop and change the focus from the frenetic chaos of their lives. It allows them to be more readily able to attend to the present moment sensations and thoughts that are flowing through them.

For clients who cannot focus inwardly then imagining the heart with awareness of the physical shape and size, perhaps drawing it or making friends with it is a good start.

Whatever body we have, however it looks, there is a heartbeat organising the body. In a way, the heart is like the electricity centre of the body and when the brain has been disabled as in pmld for example or in trauma the heart seems to always have a capacity to understand others.

The patient who is unable to speak and has limited movement is still able to feel and to respond to the melody of the music, able to respond to a soft voice dedicated to them, is able to communicate with the therapist in a ‘life-sustaining movement moment’ and find a safe refuge, a dance partner or loving mother which in itself organises his/her movement with an emotional connection and integration of kindness.

Kindness can help in every situation and with every person you encounter. The clients who come to you for help deserve kindness, it is the most simplest thing we can exercise with everyone.

The child or adult who has suffered trauma, an experience that hits us like a bolt, overwhelming us and leaving us disconnected from our bodies feeling as if our legs (Levine, 2006) have been knocked out from under us, still has the capacity to learn again what is safe and truly affectionate. This is at least, a step on the road to restoring hope to their little or adult life.


When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace”

Dalai Lama


A Heart Note to Nourish you for the Holidays

The heart meridian runs along the inside of the arms to the little finger and so something you can do to nourish yourself this Christmas is to use rose oil and gently massage this area. Holding your arm above your head or out to the side gently massage each of your hands and one at a time run your hands up your arm into your armpit from your little finger. Repeat this several times.

When you have enjoyed this ritual for at least 10 minutes then place your hands over your heart, in the mid-chest area and gently make soothing circles, activate the endorphins and tell your heart how much you appreciate and love it and thank your heart for feeling others and for being the pilot in your life. Whilst you have your eyes closed picture divine white or rose coloured light coming in through the crown of your head and saturating your whole body sending light roots out of the bottom of your feet into mother earth.

Then….send your hearts light out towards someone in need, send it out to others and to the earth.

Happy Christmas

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