Movement Meditation

Everybody Can Dance


walton_class_45It is a Jungian concept that within the self or body lies a healing function. Through dance it is possible to access this resource. One of the wonderful things about dancing for healing is that it is a therapeutic option for so many people from all walks of life. It is certainly not a prerequisite that someone has previous experience in dance or creative expression, or that he/she has a natural talent for rhythm or movement. Anyone can benefit from and should consider this creative ways of managing their stress.

Carl Jung

Spoke of the active imagination as something best expressed through movement, through rhythm. I feel dance movement is essential as it puts us back in our bodies and encourages us to listen to its sweet language. In his final work Jung relates active imagination to the entire process of alchemy, that is transformation, to the development of self knowledge and the process of individuation which is in short becoming aware of oneself, discovering the diamond within, Of what we are in essence as oppose to our egos.


I attended a very beautiful workshop in Bristol where we explored authentic movement and art. Authentic Movement is linked to Jungian analysis. Carl Jungs idea (1961) of ‘active imagination where the intention of bringing the unconscious into consciousness through an art form is an approach that I find deeply mysterious, profound and revealing.


Using our bodies as a channel to bring to conscious awareness what is unconscious we moved for what seemed a long time and I discovered the feedback from the leader to be very powerful. I have received feedback before but it has always seemed to be in an analytical way where the leader has somehow put Laban Movement Analysis before embodied, intuitive sensing. I have sensed this in the past but have been unable to really pin it down.


That spontaneous impulse that happens without thinking about it in any moment and rises above resistance and defences held in the body are the links to life, awareness and healing. It is to me like a moving meditation but where our bodies are moving instead of our minds. Closing my eyes, listening to my body with a focus that is central, located inside rather than on the peripheral focus. This can at times take the mover through the space or sit deeply inwards without any movements that can be seen by the outside observer


My Postures of Archetypes DVD takes you through a series of movement meditations that encourage this authentic connection with life.



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