Movement Therapy and Autism

So, I wanted to just highlight some of the very real and solid benefits and reasons for choosing Professional Movement Therapy for your child or partner or yourself if you are on the Autism Spectrum.

Time and time again I see how it not only builds community and vitality but it builds connection with ‘good life’ through movements of relationship. Movement therapy is particularly powerful because it allows the therapist to work in total resonance with the person.

Resonance into their world in ways that other forms of therapy do not reach, and why is this so? This is because we are working with and through movement, the most primitive and only universal language that is communicated through our bodies.

We are working with our bodies but the overall goal is not exercising or learning steps but Attuning to the child / adult.

Attunement is the ability to let the other know you hear them, feel them, understand them and you respond in ways such as a mother does when her baby laughs or makes gurgling sounds or smiles and expresses themselves.

So, where do we start, how do we start to work with someone with Autism through movement therapy? We start from where they are. It’s very simple, and this is why it is so profound!

Starting from where they are and understanding that a most important element, and key to its success is the therapeutic relationship.

Movement Therapy for Autism is good for building the parent child relationship again, mending the broken bond that often can be very stressful for parents to cope with because they are relying on their child’s signals to communicate with them.

Its solid, it’s fun and it works! The child / adult changes their way of interacting socially, they feel safe, that they belong and are understood.

Sessions can be booked in Blaenavon at the Old Post Office Art and Therapy centre on Prince Street.

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