Support Groups


Support groups for people ages 18 to 80 experiencing:

Life changes


Self-esteem issues




Chronic pain

Emotional disturbance


Mood disorders


Panic Attacks

Movement Psychotherapy group Counselling groups 
The Movement Psychotherapy groups aim to give you a safe and supportive space to come together and explore issues in both a verbal and non verbal way. A creative therapy using movement to express your thoughts and your feelings. The group begins with a warm-up to get the body moving and then a theme often emerges that leads to exploration as a group that helps you deal with psychological challenges, and become more fully integrated emotionally, cognitively , physically and socially. The groups helps you move your energy. This is a safe and confidential space for exploring through movement what cannot be expressed in words. Wear comfortable clothing and bring some water.


The Counselling groups allow you to have a sense of belonging and deepen your empathy as you hear the stories of others and realize you are not alone. You can practice social skills and gain insight into you own behaviors. Because you get the support of the whole group this can be more powerful than individual sessions.

Generally groups are for between 5 and 10 people and the common link is that you have the opportunity to be heard and work on improving your life in a supportive, safe and structured environment.

The group helps you find your voice / give and receive / is a safety net and helps you have a healthier relationship with yourself and others.  


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