The Affective Base – Karen Woodley (RDMP)

A theory is that the learning disabilities stem from disturbances that may begin before birth, so in the womb. Also, possibly genetic disposition, alcohol, substance abuse, problems in pregnancy, environmental toxins, central nervous system infections or severe head trauma

Learning disabilities are unseen and may run in families and recognising that the child or young person has a learning disability is very difficult because all the characteristics differ. However, taking action is the best thing you can do for them.

Receiving help in the early years is the best thing and really and improves their chances for succeeding. By identifying what it is that is causing your child's problems you are taking the first step toward help.

It can be scary for parents to come to terms with the fact that their child has a learning disability because of the hostility in the world however, you need not be afraid because with the right help you can realise that these children are just as intelligent as their peers it is simply that their brains are wired differently.

Affective neurobiologist A. Damasio laid the foundation for understanding the interrelationship of mind and body in the experience of emotion and talks about the fact that our body registers the emotions after the brain has experienced it. So from a movement therapy perspective if we can give the body a new language based in affection and touch then it is possible to learn again and let that part of the brain know that it is safe to do so.

Based on my research I have created a course for learning through our bodies. Something that needs to start with the body. When there is a full embodied connection then the child has a chance to emerge into a base of affection. It is the deep understanding and care of another. The affection and attachment bond is a deep and enduring promise with another that connects them across time and space.

Affection, Movement and Touch - the key to communication

Here you will discover new techniques to use in your work that will not only strengthen your abiity to communicate but will open your awareness to other senses that often go unnoticed. Helping you to find new ways of being with children / adults with learning disabilities and additional needs, those whose beahviour can be challenging, who are on the Autistic Spectrum and who suffer from Anxiety.

With techniques that encompass: Organic breathing / Listening with your body / Stimulating the healthy physiological energy / Connecting your heart with your hands / Presence.

You will learn how to: lessen the anxiety / build relationship / receive what is being given to you / build resilience / communicate with Affection, Movement and Touch.

Learning also something about yourself with a sense of joy and enthusiasm for your own development’

This one day course is available to be booked.

The cost: £100 per person

Group discounts available


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