The amazing beauty of dance for everyone

The amazing beauty of dance for everyone – part 2.

The amazing beauty of Dance Movement Therapy

Fear of losing love and a lack of love in ones life as well as rage that is internalised all have serious consequences on the organs. Emotions not expressed stay stagnant in all the vital organs of the body. Many people especially in our society do not know how to express themselves and so the emotions that are inside of them end up attacking the immune and neurovegetative system like a rebel who says, ‘look im here’. Thus, many psychosomatic and more serious diseases take over a persons life. For example Asthma which is about dependance and submission, it is a lack of love from significant people and a repression of crying in a child. In an adult it is about difficulty in communicating intimacy. High blood pressure or hypertension is an inhibition of rage, repressed hostility and a fear of rejection. A person with rheumatoid arthritis expresses his emotions through his musculature as oppose to his organs, emotions, real feelings

“Instinct never acts like a momentary impulsive source, but always like
A constant force. Not coming from the external world but the inside of
The body, it is useless to try to escape it.”
Sigmund Freud

A disciple of Sigmund Freud said the unconsciousness is the body and the organs and localized the repression of instincts and emotions in muscular tensions, muscular armour. According to Reich the repression is not portraits-5something that just happens in our psyche, it has social and political dimensions too. Repression in the body known as the rings of tension are possible to dissolve through music and dance. Giving the body a new experience, a new memory in order for the natural impulses and instincts to flow again. Healthy people spontaneously express their emotions, while sick people hide them or put them onto innocent victims. The dissociation of expression always shows a degree of pathology. The expressive integration of the face and the body is a sign of health.


The world of the emotions is less understood by psychotherapy and explored more in literature, art, poetry and dance. The repression in our bodies has been created by the dissociation of the culture perpetuated throughout the history that shows anti-life values. When there is no smile, happiness, touch, self-expression there is no change, no trust and we don’t feel. If our identity is corporal, the body is what is each person is then there does not exist identity outside of the body. Neurologically the identity grows from the love the child receives in the first years of life. So, if we enter dances and movements that connect us with life we have a chance to find the essential energies again.

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