The amazing beauty of dance for everyone

portraits-8The amazing beauty of dance for everyone – part 1.

Dance has many benefits physically as we are all aware of but it possesses many psychological benefits too. And benefits I feel that that one cannot experience or realise through verbal analysis alone. We are our bodies, if we are sad our body shows this, if we are inspired it shows in our face, our walking; when we are confident it shows, when we are angry it definitely shows. The body cannot lie which tells us that it has a wisdom and intelligence born from the instincts.
When we dance and move an energy awakens within us that is spontaneous even if we are simply focusing on a particular form, it awakens and is available to explore. If we explore it we can recover many latent emotions, potentials that need expression in order to live happily and healthily. For example a woman may be in analysis for yrs with the belief in herself that she has no energy, that she is not good enough to succeed in life, she is not intelligent but when she moves her body she is like the sunshine, so alive, vital and very intelligent.
Movement and dance are an art and we cannot separate the art from the creator, so you are the art. Being spontaneous, playing, recovering the first impulses of movement are what is essential in the creative process and if we are the art then we are the creative process too!

We are our emotions:

Movement and dance are ways to access our emotional, feeling self to discover that the culture did not entirely destroy our ability to love and create. Realising that we are not just made up of muscles that need exercises to stay in shape! We are our emotions and when we dance we discover the beauty of who we are again and again. Another example would be a man who learnt as a child that it was not safe to touch people, that he was dirty and had to keep his distance. This man may be an adult who lives alone to be safe but, inside is bleeding to death because he has no human contact. Through dance he may be able to hold hands with others, dance together and eventually over time move his body in direct contact with other dancers. He has learnt a new psychology of being.

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