Twenty Ideas for Sessions!

This month I thought I would share some ideas with you for using in your sessions. I have noticed that at some time in using these that my patients / clients give me really important insight into themselves and their world and where they are in terms of wanting to stay in their own world or in wanting to connect and communicate with others.

The work is always to encourage communion with the world through the other through light-heartedness and fun. Helping them to liberate themselves from their prison! I am not an expert in the world of forensic but I understand how someone with a learning disability / mental illness; someone with a tendency towards schizophrenia and also those on the autism spectrum must feel if they do not have an outlet that allows for their inner luminosity to have a chance to grow!

I hope you get something from these simple ideas!


  1. Mirroring and shadowing work
  2. Group sculptures
  3. Exploring dance styles (ethic, social etc.)
  4. Balance and trust work
  5. Authentic movement
  6. Set dances (e.g. line, square, circle)
  7. Working with words
  8. Working with images
  9. Working with voice / movement
  10. Guided relaxation
  11. Learning dance forms / techniques
  12. Exploring non-verbal communication
  13. Exploring rhythm
  14. Exploring Melody
  15. Making a tent
  16. Exploring the rings of tension in the body
  17. Creative dances of animals / elements etc.)
  18. Three movements to mark three stages of a situation!
  19. Developmental movement sequences
  20. Working with feelings.
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