World Mental Health Day 2018

Reach out to someone today

Mental health problems are on the rise and I do feel that this is a direct response to living in such difficult times where people isolate themselves have nobody that they feel they can trust to just be with and express what it is that is going on for them. Mental health problems affect the way that one thinks, feels and behaves, they affect relationships and work, they affect ones whole existence.

Many people, young and older try to keep their feelings hidden away for fear of other peoples reactions and for fear of being abandoned, betrayed deeply shamed. They struggle to cope with daily life living and are not available to understand when maybe a listening ear, a kind heart or a gentle voice might just be offering them a stepping stone towards life.

I want to do a shout out for Young people in this changing world or ours today and bring awareness to the issues Children and young people have today. What do they need to grow up healthy, confident and strong enough to face and be present in their lives able to trust their hearts?

If you ask yourself this and answer honestly perhaps this new awareness can go some way toward healing this planet.

Where we have shame we hide away and shut ourselves off from ourselves which makes it even more difficult to connect with others. Shame has us believe that we are a mistake and nobody is a mistake! When we feel betrayed we often fight back and when we have been abandoned we abandon ourselves.

In Celebration of mental Health day I am launching my new one day cpd for all those who work with others and have a duty of care in providing the best. For all those who suffer from mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression and for those of you who have a family member suffering. Please keep linked for further details being posted very soon.

An exercise for Mental Health day:

Reach out to help another today. Give something from your heart to another today without any expectations at all. Do a good deed for someone whether that be tithing, fixing their garden, helping with a problem, Cooking them dinner, Paying them a compliment. Instead of criticising someone catch yourself and adore them, praise them, thank them for the unique person they are.

A Suggestion:

Take your own mental health inventory today by asking yourself the following questions -

1. Do you feel disconnected?

2. Do you regularly get sick?

3. Are you feeling down in the dumps?

4. Are you having problems focusing?

5. Are you unusually anxious?

8. Exhausted?

9. Hypersensitive?

If you answer yes to most of these then STOP. Re-evaluate work, relationships, commitments, daily routines etc. etc. Ask your heart honestly what is it that I need ?

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