Are you struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-esteem and Life changes

As a Profession Counsellor I see many people who find themselves struggling with difficulties around relationships, feeling dis-empowered and not confident in themselves; people struggling with emotional and mental health issues that seem to have a negative effect in all areas of their lives.

Giving up on their vital life force within and deciding that it is easier to suffer in silence than to invest in the uniqueness of who you are and the project that is ‘your life’.

It is courageous to ask for help, to explore what is causing you so much distress and commit to a journey of gently uncovering all the resources for linking with health, love and life from inside out with a trusted professional who understands at the deepest level that clients are so much more than their symptoms.

Emotional and mental health:

In order to be empowered and our happiest self we need to take care of our emotional and mental health and find ways of really easing the anxiety that can grip and cause us to freeze or the depression that can shut us away from others and the world. Too often children and adults are given medicine for ADHD to stop them from feeling agitated and angry when perhaps what they need is for someone to understand their need for safety, love and protection. We forget that anger is a voice telling us that something is wrong. Others have deep grief that needs to be acknowledged for example and along with seeking help you might like to do a simple exercise daily that can help alleviate some of the anxious symptoms.


Breathe in for the count of four slowly into your heart and then breathe out slower again to the count of four out of the back of your heart. As you are doing this visualise a light pink and green colour like a mist taking space in this part of your body.

As you breathe in and notice the beginning and the ending of each breath where there is a pause. In this pause make friends with yourself, cross your arms over your chest and hug yourself and internally say ‘well-done, well-done, you are doing so well, I love you’

Working with me:

I see our work together as a journey and that you are in charge of the journey, I will ask you where you would like to go and any difficulties you have encountered or imagine you might meet along the way. I will listen and attend to you and will be a trusted partner in helping you reach your destination. We might work with body sensations connected to the anxiety / depression you are and have been experiencing, the pictures and images that flash through your mind. When you connect with an emotion we might explore it and pay attention to the thoughts you have too.

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