Facilitating Therapeutic sessions step two.

Energy, Music and Joy!

So moving on from part one I will assume that you are a little more confident in your abilities to begin facilitating a therapeutic session. However, there is still some anxiety and feeling not quite able to get into the flow; feeling lost, what do you need to do?

Firstly understand that confidence grows organically so, don’t be too hard on yourself. Anxiety can make you feel unable to lead your sessions because in one way or another you are unable to summon that clear, vital and sweet energy needed to facilitate your best session.

  • Prepare your music and get yourself a focus for your session. Asking yourself what movements do you want to focus on today? What is your plan for the support workers to exercise / feel / imagine / experience today? How would you want everyone to feel leaving the session today?

The music is a big key in working therapeutically and you need to understand that it has the power to awaken the emotions. Some say it has the power to bring people back to life!

Work through your sessions open to whatever arises and flow with this, holding the boundary of time.

What music moves you and inspires you, lifts the spirit and moves the heart? Music is the Royal way to heal. We were born into music, to the heartbeat of our mother’s heart. So it is primitive, it is all encompassing and helps us makes sense of the world around us.

What Music to use?

Choose music that stirs the emotions as oppose to new age and electronic music for example that just seem to bypass the instincts and the sensitivity of the heart. In the Western world, many studies by numerous renowned researchers have shown us that Music can have a profound effect not only human beings but other life forms too!


  • Work with the energy of the group with all your awareness on it.

A good few teachers are blinded by the ‘Teacher’ archetype and need to embrace the ‘Healer’ archetype. It is not enough to just follow a script or a structure you need to follow the energy of the group towards a goal.

The goal is not a measured outcome (these are what you do in the classroom) but rather opening the door to the energy and expression of joy. You are facilitating the vital friendly links and relationships between everyone in your sessions.

  • Get out of your head the idea that the children need to sit and obey as in the classroom
  • Allow them to be free, seeing the session space as a garden of life
  • Ensure you look and feel good yourself
  • If you are not getting the responses you would like ask yourself where do I need to stop controlling here and trust the process?

It takes a leap of faith to trust in the power of what Carl Rogers called 'Prizing'. Seeing the best, the most positive through the ‘bad behaviour’ and believing in that child, in your client. In a session you believe in this for everybody present. Your colleagues too!


  • Embody Joy without reservation. This includes things like believing in the children who come to you for session and being passionate about engaging with them creatively; Understand them and their need for recognition, praise and love, Continue talking beautifully and moving in peculiar ways because you know that this is inspiring the instinctive nature in the children not concerning yourself with colleagues or support staff who give you weird glances. Use your voice and use your energies.


The energy of joy is the most important to pass onto everyone in your sessions. Don’t pass on your tiredness or your depression or problems but, your joy! One thing I have been doing with a teacher is have her just walk around the space focusing on the energy of her heart and the walking impetus coming from there rather than her head or legs in a mechanical way.


Put music similar to 'La vie en rose' on your player and walk / eventually skip around with lightness in your feet, open your arms and smile as you imagine your inner joy come alive. After this exercise take some deep breaths into your body, feeling yourself grounded with the energy of your heart / your inner child, more receptive to the people who will be coming into your session.

It is important for you to firstly connect with the happiness of walking in order to encourage you to start to develop the human gesture of linking firstly, so as to not perceive the other as strange.

These gestures of link show us how to be open with the other / the clients in your sessions so this is why I suggest this walking with an open heart; being open to walk, open in the world meeting others with joy and happiness !!



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