Supervision for Holistic and Complementary Therapy Practitioners

Our emotions are connected to the waters of our soul”

In my experience I have found complementary therapies to be great and beautiful resources for working with the energetic system of the body. Such treatments as Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine and visualisation really help people’ s well-being and sense of healing journey.

However, many practitioners themselves are finding that they could do with a little guidance and help in managing and understanding the different patients that they see because, working with the body brings up different responses for different people and is highly sensitive.

Often-times complementary practitioners may be equipped to skilfully prescribe certain treatments and work on specific muscles, tissues and energetic systems within the body for certain presentations and ailments, however, don’t have the tools to attend emotionally and psychologically to whatever else may be showing up in the room like anger or pain or sadness ensuring the patient leaves them with a sense of being grounded and able to acknowledge their needs.

Our emotions are connected to the waters of our soul and if we don’t pay attention to them then somehow we are not attending fully to ourselves. Similarly if we don’t recognise that within our patients is another world than the one we see with our physical vision then we are not attending to what is alive and communicating with us.

As a Complementary Therapist such as a Massage Therapist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist; Body worker or Osteopath or Cranial Sacral Therapist you probably are faced with issues that arise in your ongoing relationships with your clients that perhaps catch you unawares and leave you thinking what do I do? Or How can I best help my patient with this or how do I attend to whatever else is going on in the treatment room other then the treatment itself ? Such scenarios as feeling unclear about having good and healthy boundaries, or feeling absolutely drained out after working with particular clients or unsure as to how to navigate psychological and emotional responses perhaps were not taught through your training as your skill lies in your treatment modality. 

You want to continue to be assuring your clients that there feelings are important and that you accept them just as they are and that their vitality is a force which connects through in all levels of their existence, empowering them towards wellness”

Supervision will help you through enabling you to explore the therapeutic process and look at some tools which can help provide containment to the emotional and psychological difficulties that arise in your patient.

As a result you will find yourself feeling empowered and nourished as a practitioner because you have discussed your thoughts, feelings and sensations towards your patient as well as those feelings, images and thoughts you pick up from them as you are working on their muscles or sticking needles into their acupressure points. You will find that reflecting with a trained professional such as a supervisor provides incredible insight that then propels you forward with renewed vitality yourself!

So, as the complementary practitioner, lets say a massage therapist who encounters a client regularly with sore muscles that every time you work on those muscles the client cries, the work in supervision will help you explore deeper in to this and see if the tears are ‘letting go’ tears, or indeed due to a trauma that they hadn’t told you about and you hadn’t picked up on until now. So, all really important information as to what is really going on for your patient.

Perhaps as a practitioner of Cranial osteopathy you might pick up through images and feelings, through the holding of breathing patterns incredibly vital information but what are doing with it and where might you be asking yourself questions like:

* How can I get this patient to trust me more and commit to treatment for 6 sessions?

* What should I say here, is it appropriate for this person?

* Should I trust my instinct and work deeper?

All of this and more will be great material to work with in Supervision. If you would like to discuss more please feel free to contact me.

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