Clinical Supervision

Supervision is absolutely essential to sustaining best practice as it provides practitioners with ongoing opportunities to establish, root and stimulate reflective and informed practice in a way that is helpful and benefits both practitioners and service- users.

I offer a Person Centred and Integrative service which allows for a holistic framework where learning and development are a constant flow for both parties within a relationship of partnership, collaboration and Care.

Through an integrative practice I am able to intertwine body sense and feelings into supervision and not be led by theory thus being able to  support the deepening of knowledge through experience.


Here’s some of the ways Supervision can help you:

It allows you to focus on a particular aspect of your clinical work in ways that perhaps you would not normally do

It challenges your way of working by reflecting on previous action and how this might determine future action

You will learn new ways of working

You will get constructive feedback and your practice nourished.

Together we gently pull out those parts of your practice that need challenge to transform and grow anew so that your well being and that of your client is held, nurtured and renewed.


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