Counselling & Psychotherapy

Speaking with a professional therapist about your mental and emotional difficulties can help you to clarify where it is you are stuck in your life and where you need support in moving forward. Many times we have not had another person available solely for us and for holding all out life experiences without judgement and without criticism helping us to piece all the missing links together.

Links that perhaps had not a chance to flourish fully and as a consequence caused us to make bad choices or to become disempowered in relationships, in works and in health. Often times we feel we would love to care for ourselves more but don’t know how to do this or where to start. Perhaps we find ourselves in bad relationships over and over again because the thought of being alone is unbearable or we feel things but just cannot find the words to express what it is we have to say.

Therapy can really work for you and I offer Humanistic and person centred therapy which focuses on the here and now helping you to access your innate and unique abilities, creativity and wisdom. This approach is good short term and long term and this we will discuss to find the best way forward according to your needs.

I currently see women and men in midlife change and crisis, people with deep anxiety and stress, loss, addictions and suicidal thoughts. Some clients are looking for short term therapy and others longer term work. Many clients with emotional difficulties and relationship problems, depression and other illnesses and those who have suffered abuse. Perhaps you know exactly what it is you need help with and perhaps you don’t but you feel that something is not quite right within yourself and your world.

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