Helping Schools

Helping Primary Schools

Well-being within school is essential to not just keeping morale high but for best practice and I believe that what I offer can really add quality learning and growth to teachers and the children.

Mindful Movement

Including simple breathing and Mindful Movement based exercises and dances for Empowering children to be resilient, confident in themselves and their abilities.
Helping children to ease and transform anxiety in creative and useful ways for them.

Transforming behaviours that are challenging

  1. Balancing the nervous system so the stress response has a chance to ease
  2. Stimulating the endorphins of safety and happiness
  3. Using Rhythm for grounding and aliveness
  4. Melody for our feelings and fluid movements to find balance and belonging
  5. Building confidence and the ability to focus on work
  6. Strengthening self-esteem and trust in their own bodies.

These classes are based on the deep understanding that children need to be allowed to learn through their body as it moves through space and as it connects with others and the world around them.

Curiosity, creativity and compassion are nurtured, strengthened and allowed expression.

Keeping the movement impulse alive is fundamental for any young child and it is through this kinaesthetic sense that they are able to grow healthy and trust in their own abilities, learn and understand more as their brain is receiving positive stimulation
When we are fearful or anxious our bodies tell us and by mindful movements we can turn this around to an easy and peaceful solution.

The costings for an hours session is £65 for a class or for individual sessions the cost is £35


CPD (Continuing professional development) are workshops that develop best practice, professional development and enhance ones abilities on many levels. These cpd’s can be delivered to groups at your venue (best 6 or more people) or at our venue. Some of these cpd's are accredited.

Weekly Movement Sessions for children

Are you interested in weekly Movement Sessions that help transform anxious and challenging behaviours in the classroom.

Mindful Sensory Movement for Primary Schools

Behaviour issues and Children not wanting to learn or focus, or children being left behind in the school system because they cannot find ways of being heard and seen. Children with high anxiety and challenging behaviours that are deemed inappropriate and those with learning disabilities.

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