Health Practitioners

Having someone to talk to and reflect on your own practice as well as taking creative and self-care courses to nourish yourself holistically can be the key to enriching not only the people who invest in your care but your heart and soul too. Keeping well yourself and investing in a self-care practice can be just what will strengthen your life on many levels.


Clinical supervision for well being and holistic health and education practitioners can be a godsend, having a safe and confidential space to focus on particular aspects of your practice will help you to utilise your skills in the best way and together we will reflect on the quality and strength of your service.

My approach is person centred and humanistic and my main aim is to provide a space that is for you, empowering and life-enhancing where we work together towards your goals confidently exploring personal and professional development issues in the overall service of your practice.

I have trained at Masters level and with a deep knowledge of the body, mind and spirit and how they work together I know that holistic health is one of the golden key’s to happiness.

The cost for an hour is £45 / £40 for students on placement


CPD (Continuing professional development) are workshops that develop best practice, professional development and enhance ones abilities on many levels. These cpd’s can be delivered to groups at your venue (best 6 or more people) or at our venue and some of them are accredited.

At the cpd's I cover several....

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement: ‘Learning through the body in movement’ Including simple breathing and Mindful Movement based exercises and dances for Empowering resilience from the heart Helping people to ease and transform…

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