Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Health Care workers and Students



Clinical Supervision is a solid way of minimising risk and promoting high standards of care for all those working in the helping professions, it establishes, roots and stimulates reflective and informed practice in such a way that is beneficial for both practitioners and service-users.

I offer Person Centred and Integrative supervision which allows for a holistic framework where learning and development are a constant flow for both parties within a relationship of partnership, collaboration and Care. Through an integrative practice I am able to intertwine body sense and feelings into supervision and not be led by theory thus support the deepening of knowledge through experience

My commitment is to working alongside you to support your learning and growth.

The cost for an hour is £45 / £40 for students on placement



CPD (Continuing professional development) are workshops that develop best practice, professional development and enhance ones abilities on many levels. These cpd’s can be delivered to groups at your venue (best 6 or more people) or at our venue and some of them are accredited.

At the cpd's I cover several....

The Healing Power of Touch

A one day workshop in Swansea on 13th February 

This course addresses the importance and progressiveness of working with Touch as a way of communicating understanding, safety and respite from a foundation of affection and sensitivity with those who have additional learning needs including autism and behaviours that challenge.

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Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement: ‘Learning through the body in movement’ Including simple breathing and Mindful Movement based exercises and dances for Empowering resilience from the heart Helping people to ease and transform…

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