Continuing professional development is a vital necessity for any group / organisation and individual in keeping with best practice. I offer a series of workshops that address the need for Stress release, Creativity and Communication amongst others.

1. Managing Stress through breathing and Mindfulness

This workshop will address the very important connection with our breathing and offer ways through different exercises alone and in groups to tap into your organic nature. This will prove to be a great health benefit and invitation to enrich your life through simple daily life movements. This workshop will:

a. Teach you how to beat Stress and manage work better
b. Encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you through the ‘rest and restore’ part of the nervous system
c. Show you how simple movements can not only change your outlook but give you some resources for self-care.

2. Building Confidence and Communication

This workshop is about how we can find the inner strength and vitality to make a difference in our workplaces with our colleagues and the larger community. Wear clothes comfortable for moving in and be expected to:

a. Recover the inner vitality
b. Find new ways of Communicating at work
c. Discover how it feels to wear your confidence without apology
d. Feel the fear and do that project anyway

WATAF CPD October 2014 – Karen Woodley Dance Therapist

3. Person Centred Therapy in the helping professions

This CPD is invaluable for all those of you who are in the caring profession and responsible for children / adults with learning disabilities. Person centred in the true sense goes much deeper than the care plans. In this workshop you will learn the importance of:

a. Empathy
b. Honesty
c. Unconditional Positive Regard


Are you interested in take one of these CPD? Contact me and I will let you know when will be the next one: