Accredited courses for professional healthcare providers, health education, social workers and people in the helping professions. These courses are a great way to learn new techniques, grow personally and professionally. They are for you if you are a professional and for people curious to understand life through the body and to re-connect with the  energies of health and others.

Courses and CPDs are AGORED certificated


“Karen was very attentive and knew her subject well. She made the course very interesting and paced it well. A lovely calming voice”
Course participant


These CPD's can be delivered to groups at your venue (best 6 or more people) or at our venue

Also one to one in person or via Skype.

WATAF CPD October 2014 - Karen Woodley Dance Therapist

1. Managing Stress

'Assertiveness Training'

Find ways to stop stress before it stops you.

This one day course is designed for professionals wanting to manage stressful situations and responses that deplete the professional creativity and personality causing burn-out and discontent in the job.

Offering advice and training in how you can change stress patterns and unhappiness in very simple ways that will empower your work, your projects, your clients.

Some people run away from relationships, life, work and others spend their time fighting for the way they want things to be….workaholics!

There is another way through an authentic connection with yourself that re-establishes the giving and receiving flow of life where you realise that communication to others in your life and to the world needs to be a communication that is solid and from your humanity.

For a half day workshop the topics we will cover include:

  • The differences between healthy and unhealthy stress
  • A mindful movement session for releasing the stress busting hormones
  • The bodies different ways of responding to stressful situations
  • Assertiveness and how this kind approach can change your difficulties
  • Finding your inner power

Costing: £90 per person.

For a Full day's course the topics we will cover include:

  • What is stress and the causes of it
  • The impact on the central nervous system
  • The physiological responses or flight, fight and more
  • The healthy stress
  • A mindful movement session for releasing the stress busting hormones
  • Finding your inner power
  • The power of laughter
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs inventory
  • Assertiveness and barriers to being assertive
  • Assertive body image
  • Techniques for grounding and listening.

Costing: £150 per person

This course will help you personally and professionally too and gives you an AGORED level 1 certificate with 3 units.

Assertiveness Training ‘Managing Stress’


2. Improving Confidence

'Build your confidence and Self-esteem'

On the 'Improvising Confidence' course you will learn about the characteristics of Confidence and how being able to communicate confidently can change your life in many ways. Through fun exercises using simple daily life movements that everyone can do you will discover different ways of communicating that will empower you.

You will have the chance to exercise your communication skills one to one and in a group, understand the benefits of listening to ideas and opinions and learn why it is important to receive and respond to others with tolerance and support.

We will explore the role of emotions in making right decisions in our lives and also the emotions that help strengthen our Confidence and encourage us to move forward with faith in our abilities. Many times people give up at the first step because they don't feel confident in themselves and this course will change this for you by creating a range of SMART  goals for the following:

a) Personal

b) Career and or education

For a half day course the topics we will cover include:

  • The characteristics of confidence
  • Differences between self esteem and confidence
  • Mindful movement session for connecting with the inner confidence
  • Communicating confidently

Costing: £90 per person

For a full day's course the topics we will cover include:

  • What is a confident person
  • Self-esteem and Confident behaviour
  • Communicating confidently
  • Mindful movement session for connecting with the inner confidence
  • Confidence and emotions
  • Making good decisions for yourself
  • Goals for increasing confidcnce
  • Exercises to strengthen the healthy self-esteem
  • Compassion
  • Techniques for trusting and listening

Costing: £150 per person

This course will strengthen you personally and professionally and give you and AGORED level 2 with 3 credits





These courses and CPDs are AGORED certificated



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