I offer assessments of the leading of therapeutic sessions to pinpoint what needs to change in order for the delivery, experience and growth to be of maximum benefit.

For a consultation and advice session I offer ways on improving practice as a creative leader in your groups. Oftentimes I have heard people saying that they do not know how to deal with big groups of different abilities and need guidance on exercises or approaches that would best work. Or oftentimes people are stuck in the same old routines and do not have the confidence in moving things on. By this I mean teaching a child how to explore through different sensory channels, or knowing themselves how to enlighten a group and keep them completely focused into the activity being presented for example.

For those of you in day centres who often have activities to find with individuals on a one to one basis I offer guidance and support in firstly finding creative resources and relationship building for oneself and then expanding this into the relationship with your service user (person you are responsible for taking care of) with the idea of connecting with the world around them.


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