CPD (Continuing professional development) are workshops that develop best practice, professional development and enhance ones abilities on many levels. These cpd’s can be delivered to groups at your venue (best 6 or more people) or at our venue in Blaenavon. All courses are accredited with Agored Cymru.

The cost is £100 per person / group bookings available, please ask.


Cpd 1.

Improving Communication through Touch with Children and Adults who have Additional Needs’

This course addresses the importance and progressiveness of working with Touch as a way of communicating understanding, safety and respite from a foundation of affection and sensitive caring to those who have additional learning needs including autism. It will teach you the power of the person centred approach when working with learning disability as well as the main causes of learning disabilities and show you other ways of communicating without language.

During this one day experience you will also learn the neuroscience behind the importance of affective touch in terms of how the individual adapts to the environment / the child's psychological development / motor, cognitive and affective development /the development of language and of healthy behaviour and appropriate socialisation.

Course aims:

The aims are to give you a good grounding in working with the Sense of Touch as well as a springboard into creative movement techniques for building trust and relationship, for easing anxiety and developing a sense of joy. This grounding can be implemented into your work with both children and adults who have additional learning needs.


Cpd 2.

Reflecting Movements for Counsellors ’

This one day course will look at the ways, as a counsellor, you can be informed and learn how to draw on the body intelligence that resonates from within as you work with your clients as well as offers a respite for tuning in to yourself. There will be an exploration through movement, discussion and role play / listening to and following breath / trusting your senses / using visualisation as an aid to deeper awareness and body-mind wisdom.

Course aims:

The aims of this day are to open up a curiosity into using your body in your work with clients. As well as a forum for discussion and exploration of difficult scenarios. You will come away with tools and techniques to boost your practice as well as with a newfound clarity and confidence in your own professional direction. One of the main aims of the day is to open a creative doorway in your personal and professional life. As an example you may benefit from developing a deeper relationship with your body or it might be that learning a simple technique could help you work with clients who find it hard to express themselves. I hear a lot of counsellors say “ I just don’t know what to do or say to my client, he/she just stays stuck and I’m at a loss as to what to do”. Through developing more of a reflective practice you can explore and develop feelings, emotions and insights as well as identify your strengths and how you would like to develop as a practitioner.

A fun, nourishing and enlightening day!


Cpd 3.

Managing Anxiety’

Anxiety can be debilitating and start to take over your day to day living. It can cause panic and cause a person to isolate themselves without any hope of finding help or resources to integrate into their life. This one day course will look at what it is and where it is located in your mind and in your body.

Course aims:

To give you solid guidance through creative means such as mindful movement and art exercises that can highlight a deeper level of understanding and give you the tools necessary to not only manage but perhaps search for ways to resolve this stress you are carrying within you. The aim is also to find a routine that can work for you personally and one where you open up your awareness to the mind-body connection and allow this relationship to work holistically and organically for you in your life. This old idea of one type of medicine fits all no longer has any credibility, and one persons anxiety is completely different to another's. Also, it is when you allow your mind and body to communicate that healing happens.

We will look at the symptoms and the causes; the affect it has on those around you and of course the impact in your life and trace its steps from your thoughts and central nervous system to today. You will learn self care techniques that really work and leave knowing how you can manage.

An eye opening and healing day!





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