Why choose Me ?

I am a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Counselling Supervisor trained at Masters Level, my approach is Person-Centred and Humanistic, with a somatic, body based orientation as well as an inclination toward object relations.For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in the Healing Arts and have always had a keen sense into peoples problem areas and where they need help.

I have worked with Children, Adolescents and Adults with learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs for over thirty years, starting off teaching jazz and movement in a local gymnasium and then as a Montessori Teacher since 1993 where my teaching groups were based around sensory education, teaching children about natural medicine without really knowing what it was, it was just a natural inclination to the physical and natural movement of things!

A training in Creative Movement for 7 years and then as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist with extensive experience in Learning Disabilities and Autism has taken me on a journey to being able to offer my services to you today.

I worked for the Touch Trust as the Lead Training Coordinator for students and members for over forty centres across Wales including schools, day centres and charities and was very involved in the organisation, presentation and delivery of the short courses and Touch Trust Accredited Training Programme.

As the Director of the "Biodanza School of Life" in Wales for some years I delivered workshops and trainings on the Five Lines of Human Potentials, the Biological and Physiological Aspects of Biodanza and Human Movement; Affective Touch Education, Mythology; The Four Elements and Animals, applications for children and the clinical applications, The Inner Angels amongst others.

            ‘I can help fine tune your life so that a more natural you emerges and life can happen’

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