Why choose Me ?

Here are some reasons you might like to choose me:


I believe in the magic of psychotherapy and the being together.

I am able to provide a safe and confidential space with a promise of an open heart in attending to you.

I have a huge experience with children and adults within the therapeutic Arts

It is said I bring knowledge and fun to my workshops and training's.

As a Supervisor I blend body sense and feelings into the process thus supporting the deepening of knowledge through experience.

I worked for the Touch Trust as the Lead Training Coordinator in the organisation. Delivering  the short courses and  Accredited Training Programme all across wales to schools, day centres and support organisations.

I was the Director of the 'Biodanza school of life' teaching the five lines of human potentials, the biological and physiological aspects of Biodanza and our human movement; affective touch education, mythology; the four elements and animals, applications for children and the clinical applications as well as the inner angels.

I believe in and deeply respect the uniqueness of each human being


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