Why choose Me ?

I am an open-hearted and warm person who understands the commitment it takes to be in therapy, the importance of good quality supervision and the necessity to see the whole of you and work with the whole of you.

It is important you choose a qualified and experienced therapist and one that feels right! It can take a while before you start to see and feel progress but you will start to feel better.

My commitment is to helping you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems without judgement or criticism. 

I have a wealth of experience with children and young adults including those with additional learning needs and other complex issues too and am able to work with counsellors and psychotherapists as well as other health professionals who work directly with the children and young people. Also mental health, people in recovery and soul loss.

Trauma informed work is important and I am able to weave this into the process if needed.Knowing that I am able to be a solid link in my capacity as supervisor, in changing and transforming the subconscious patterning of bad attachment in those children and young people of today gives me a real sense of purpose.

I worked for the Touch Trust as one of their Senior session leaders and the Lead Training Development Officer where I organised and delivered their training course and short workshops all across Wales to teachers and support workers.

I was also the Director of the 'Biodanza School RT Wales’ where the power of music, integrative dance; the power of vivencial methodology, the caress; the power of trance, of expanded consciousness and the power of the group constitute eco-factors that have a powerful effect on health and the therapeutic and educational transformation.



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